Preserve & Protect rich heritage

People without knowledge of their past  , origin and culture are like trees with no roots.

Each country takes pride in its own heritage monuments, traditions and objects as it adds to the cultural aura and attracts masses to experience its glory. Monuments and structure of historical importance reflect a nation’s heritage. India is one of the richest nations as she is the repository of those physical artifacts and intangible legacies which have a past inheritance and thus remain highly significant to our present and the future. Today however many heritage are in danger and are slowly moving toward damage or even extinction.

Kaash foundation strives to protect our ancient roots and preserve, protect our rich heritage.


Kaash Foundation strives to safeguard the integrity of cultural heritage of our society and enhance it by preserving and promoting the use of cultural heritage. The Foundation believes in ‘exploring the unexplored and protected the explored ’through our device guideline of (3P/SC) Safeguard, Conserve, Protect, Preserve and protect- to catalogue,revive,document,record and conserve in real form.


  • To organise Awareness Campaign through documentaries ,lecture series, exhibition
  • To encourage public participation in development initiatives of the government and other bodies.
  • To act as a consultancy and draft proposals to play a role in upcoming developments
  • Cleanliness drives in heritage sites
  • Roles play as  ‘guides’ at  heritage sites
  • Mobility management at heritage sites
  • Raising concerns for universal access to heritage sites
  • Conducting study tours and heritage walks, reviving the pride and concern for our heritage
  • Generate  sponsorship for conservation and educational projects