‘Conserve & Preserve’

Global Green

We have forgotten how to be good guests, how to walk lightly on the earth as its other creatures do. – Barbara Ward

Kaash Foundation is of the belief that we haven’t inherited the Earth from our forefathers, but have borrowed it from our children and therefore, it is binding upon us to save the planet, the nature and the environment.

One of the Foundation’s most notable works in this aspect has been its involvement in the ‘Save Aarey Movement’, to save the last green lungs of the Mumbai city.


The Foundation believes in saving our Vasundhara (Mother Nature). The greatest asset which we can leave for our forthcoming generations is a pure, refined and an integrated eco system. With Global Green as our motto and Ecological Inheritance our axiom, we seek to ‘conserve and preserve’ through our following initiatives:

  • Organising Mass Awareness Campaigns across all sections of the society
  • Organising Tree Plantation and Clean-Up Drives
  • Organising camps for the protection of mangroves
  • Promoting ecologically sustainable practices
  • Initiating discussions forums and micro units
  • Conducting workshops on waste management, generating awareness of recycling and other eco-friendly practices.