health is certainly a greatest gift but

many are deprived of this gift

Health is the greatest gift and contentment greatest wealth. – Buddha

Globally, health is seen as an indicator of utmost importance to a thriving and flourishing society. Kaash Foundation strongly believes that health is certainly a greatest gift but many are deprived of this gift. Kaash Foundation perceives healthcare as right of every individual and strives to bring good health to fellow citizens. In order to make the society happy and healthy.


Accounting to our burgeoning population, it has been a difficult endeavour for our national health policies to penetrate into the roots of our society. And therefore, Kaash Foundation seeks to undertake initiatives on a two thronged approach:  The Rural and The Urban Sector. With this, we visualise our work through the following scenarios:

  1. Organising Health Awareness Campaigns
  2. Creating awareness and encouraging conversations on female sanitation and hygiene
  3. Promoting the Medical Assistance of Physical and Mental Health through various medical camps
  4. Linking various government projects to genuine beneficiaries
  5. Promoting Non–Allopathic treatment and healing processes like Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga, Acupressure, Sujok and Sound Mediation Healing